Pointers from foreign nurses

Puan Jamilah Ibrahim

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Kumpulan Mediiman Sdn Bhd


CapturePeople who used to have experiences with overseas doctors and nurses often speak pleasantly about their personal encounters in foreign clinics or hospitals.

They even became upset when after returning to Malaysia, they discovered the local hospital personnel were somehow not “up to the expected mark”.

Jamilah Ibrahim, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Kumpulan Mediiman Sdn Bhd (KMI) listed several attributes which she had observed. According to her, overseas nurses, such as those in UK, like to read, don’t waste time, know exactly about the treatment given and  discuss cases at doctor’s level. “ Something which is lacking here,” she said, in an interview with Inspiration.

Like what has begun to take place in Malaysia, she pointed out that overseas nurses usually have degree or Master qualifications. “ As such, they are confident to discuss things at par with the doctors.”

Besides, they do not show their weaknesses.

Jamilah quipped, “ They are very very pleasant. They make their best effort to be as sweet as possible with patients. By contrast, our nurses tend to be shy and they usually sit at the back during functions.” She believed despite their having personal problems too, the nurses overseas would not carry whatever problems they might have to the workplace.

She stressed, “The law is very strict. The minute you make a mistake, off you go.” Jamilah opined that sometines it would be better to ask a staff who was not emotionally stable on a certain day to go home or to take a break. She added that counselling would also help.

Still, the CNO believes that Malaysian nurses are generally not far off from their foreign counterparts in advanced countries. After all, Malaysian nurses too are working in countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

KMI itself is having motivational and service experience programmes to raise the level of their nursing quality to that of international standards.

Higher certifications initiatives are also being pursued.

At present all the four hospitals under KMI – KJMC, TDMC, KMC and KTS – have ISO certifications. Ongoing training, preparations and discussions are taking place for the next level of certification – the Malaysian Standard Quality Hospital (MSQH).

She added, “Ultimately we are gearing for the Joint Commission International (JCI) certification. We are targetting new purpose-built KMC and KTMC to be our first batch of JCI-certified hospitals.” It is understood that the design of both hospitals already followed JCI requirements.

It is also a big plus for KMI to have experienced nurses such as Jamilah, Matron Alice Pang and Matron Lee Hoon Ngoh within the Group.

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